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Youth and Policy 114: Youth & Policy Special Edition: The Next Five Years: Prospects for young people

Youth policy: future prospects – Aniela Wenham | Young People and Housing: A Review of the Present Policy and Practice Landscape – Julie Rugg and Deborah Quilgars | Young people, health and youth policy – John Coleman and Ann Hagell | Youth Crime and Youth Justice 2015–2020 – John Pitts | Youth Work – Tom Wylie | Austerity youth policy: exploring the distinctions between youth work in principle and youth work in practice – Will Mason |  Innovation and Youth Work – Tony Jeffs | Youth Work: A Manifesto For Our Times – Revisited – Bernard Davies |
The Fortified College – Brian Belton | Reviews

Youth and Policy 113: The state of youth work in austerity England – reclaiming the ability to ‘care’ Gill Hughes, Charlie Cooper, Sinéad Gormally and Julie Rippingale  | Against role models. Tracing the histories of manliness in youth work. The cultural capital of respectable masculinity Janet Batsleer | Beyond Rhetoric: Asserting the importance of professional ethics and values in the training of Youth Support Workers in challenging times Hazel Reid and Joanna Oliver | Who Dunnit? Gangs, Joint Enterprise, Bad Character and Duress John Pitts | ‘The voluntary organisation forms … a unique feature of the British way of life’: One voluntary organisation’s response to the birth of the Youth Service Helen M. F. Jones | Be yourself. Education is not about exams Martha Davies | Risk and resilience: exploring the necessity and (im)possibility of being a critical and feminist youth worker in neo-liberal times. Ali Hanbury and Ali Ronan | Reviews

Youth and Policy 112: Building capacity in youth work: Perspectives and practice in youth clubs in Finland and Sweden – Torbjörn Forkby and Tomi Kiilakoski | How do detached youth workers spend their time? Considerations from a time study in Gothenburg, Sweden – Björn Andersson |. Gang talking criminologists: A rejoinder to John Pitts – Simon Hallsworth. | Enclavisation and Identity in Refugee Youth Work – Martyn Hudson | Aristotle’s Phronesis and Youth Work: Beyond Instrumentality – Jon Ord | Attachment, adolescent girls and technology: a new marriage of ideas and implications for youth work practice – Diane T. Levine and Caroline S. Edwards | THINKING SPACE: [1] The Value of Youth Services towards Child and Adolescent mental health – Matthew Fish. [2] Youth Work and the “Military Ethos” – Janet Batsleer. [3] Racism as Islamaphobia – Bal Gill | Review Article – Independence at risk: the state, the market and the voluntary youth sector – Bernard Davies | Reviews

Youth and Policy 111: Special issue on youth, recreation and play:

Introduction: Youth, Recreation and Play: Interdisciplinary perspectives. Mary Clare Martin and John A. Smith | Roman Catholic Girl Guiding in Sussex, 1912-1919: Origins, Ideology, Practice. Mary Clare Martin | Direct, Indirect and Relational: Social Class Manifestations in Teenage Students’ Accounts. Maria Papapolydorou | The construction of childhood, learning and play: an evolutionary and ecological revision. John A. Smith | Identity, youth and post-modern social landscapes. Ewa Sidorenko | Thinking space – The Future of Targeted Youth Support as Second Class Social Work Kirsten Hall | Obituary – Michael Butterfield | Reviews

Youth and Policy 110: Youth work in a changing policy landscape: the view from England. Bernard Davies | ‘I just love youth work!’ Emotional labour, passion and resistance. Tania de St Croix | Youth Work, ‘Protest’ and a Common Language: Towards a Framework for Reasoned Debate. Richard Davies | Protecting Child Employees: Why the system doesn’t work. Jim McKechnie, Sandy Hobbs, Amanda Simpson, Cathy Howieson and Sheila Semple | Thinking Space: It’s business as usual: Newcastle, commissioning and cuts. Michael Bell, Lizi Gray and Anne Marron | Reviews

Youth and Policy 109: Understanding the English ‘riots’ of 2011: ‘mindless criminality’ or youth ‘Mekin Histri’ in austerity Britain? Charlie Cooper | Reluctant Criminologists: Criminology, Ideology and the Violent Youth Gang, John Pitts | ‘First Step: Dress Cool …’ Young people’s representations of locality, Colin Brent | Youth Work and State Education: Should Youth Workers Apply to Set Up a Free School?  Max Hope | Why Youth Participation? Some Justifications and Critiques of Youth Participation Using New Labour’s Youth Policies as a Case Study, Rys Farthing | Models of youth work: a framework for positive sceptical reflection, Trudi Cooper | THINKING SPACE: Reflective Practice Meets Youth Work Supervision, Margo Herman | Reviews

yandp108Youth and Policy 108:  Young People, Welfare Reform and Social Insecurity, Margaret Melrose | Buses from Beirut: Young People, Bus Travel and Anti-Social Behaviour, Stephen Moore | Participation and Activism: Young people shaping their worlds, Kalbir Shukra, Malcolm Ball and Katy Brown | John Dewey and Experiential Learning: Developing the theory of youth work, Jon Ord | Home Alone? Practitioners’ Reflections on the Implications of Young People Living Alone, Kayleigh Garthwaite | Thinking Space: An Institute for Youth Work? Tom Wylie | Reviews

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Youth and Policy106

Youth and Policy 105

Youth and Policy 104

Youth and Policy 103

Youth and Policy 102

Youth and Policy 101

Youth and Policy 97-98

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Youth and Policy 92

Acknowledgement: Picture: ‘Mods’ – Paul Townsend. Sourced from Flickr and reproduced under a Creative Commons  Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0) licence. http://www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/5130733677/

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