Y&P Archive: Issue 116

First Published: 1st June 2017 | Tags: ,

Youth & Policy: The final issue? Towards a new format


  • Youth Work and Informal Education: Finding common ground
    Tony Jeffs
  • Beyond the Local Authority Youth Service: Could the state fund open access youth work – and if so, how?
    A speculative paper for critical discussion
    Bernard Davies
  • Scientism, governance and evaluation: Challenging the ‘good science’ of the UK evaluation agenda for youth work
    Deirdre Niamh Duffy
  • Extending democracy to young people: is it time for youth suffrage?
    Kalbir Shukra
  • Youth and adult perspectives on representation in local child and youth councils in Ireland
    Shirley Martin and Catherine Forde
  • What, no coaching? Challenging the dominance of mentoring in work with young people
    Tina Salter
  • Effective gang policy and practice: how research with ‘Black male youth’ problematizes the official definition of the UK gang
    Ian Joseph
  • Social work with children in the Youth Justice system – messages from practice
    Jane Pye and Ian Paylor
  • Organised Crime, Street Gangs and County Lines
    John Pitts
  • The American news media and youth: distortion, defamation, demographic fear
    Mike Males
  • Finding a better way of protecting young workers
    Jim McKechnie, Sandy Hobbs, Emma Littler and Amanda Simpson
  • Margaret Mead and the ‘Unknown Children’
    Mike Males



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