Y&P Archive: Issue 110

First Published: 1st May 2013 | Tags: ,


  • Youth work in a changing policy landscape: the view from England
    Bernard Davies
  • ‘I just love youth work!’ Emotional labour, passion and resistance
    Tania de St Croix
  • Youth Work, ‘Protest’ and a Common Language: Towards a Framework for Reasoned Debate
    Richard Davies
  • Protecting Child Employees: Why the system doesn’t work
    Jim McKechnie, Sandy Hobbs, Amanda Simpson, Cathy Howieson and Sheila Semple

Thinking Space

  • It’s business as usual: Newcastle, commissioning and cuts
    Michael Bell, Lizi Gray and Anne Marron



Brian Belton
Radical Youth Work: Developing Critical Perspectives and Professional Judgement

Frank Coffield and Bill Williamson
From Exam Factories to Communities of Discovery: The Democratic Route

Doug Nicholls
For Youth Workers and Youth Work: Speaking out for a Better Future

Christopher Uhl with Dana L. Stuchul
Teaching as if Life Matters: The Promise of a New Education Culture

Michael Wyness
Childhood And Society


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