Y&P Archive: Issue 100

First Published: 30th August 2008 | Tags: ,

100th Anniversary Edition.

  • Reflections of youth policy: twenty-five years of Youth and Policy
    Bernard Davis
  • Young people’s rights: children’s rights or adults’ rights?
    Priscilla Alderson
  • ‘The end of certainty’: policy regime change and Australian youth policy 1983-2008
    Judith Bessant
  • Youth work and youth policy in the Republic of Ireland 1983-2008: ‘Still haven’t found what we’re looking for…?’
    Maurice Devlin
  • Youth policy in Wales
    John Rose
  • European youth policy
    Howard Williamson
  • The search for youth policy in the United States
    Joyce A. Walker and Dale A. Blyth
  • Young people, central government and youth work
    Tom Wylie
  • A plague on all our houses? Reflections on media coverage of young people
    Tim Burke
  • The changing world’s view of Christian youth work
    Mary-Ann Clayton and Naomi Stanton
  • The transformation of youth labour markets in the UK
    Bob Coles
  • Experiencing youth poverty: a case study
    Roger Green and Bonnie Curran
  • Could do better: education policy since 1983
    Tony Jeffs
    In from the margins and back again – 25 years of policy: young people, sexuality and gender
    Billie Oliver
  • The changing shape of youth crime
    John Pitts
  • Young people and illicit drug use: differentiated experiences and policy failures
    Tracey Shildrick
  • Young people and leisure
    Kenneth Roberts
  • Housing policy for young people: constructions and contradictions
    Mike Seal
  • ‘Hiding out in the open’: young people and social class in the UK youth studies
    Tracey Shildrick
  • Young people in the community
    Keith Popple
  • From anti-oppressive practice to community cohesion
    Kalbir Shukra
  • The making of leaving care policy 1971-2008
    Mike Stein
  • Young people, politics and participation: a youth work perspective
    Tony Taylor
  • Talk to Frank: youth lifestyles, branding and governmental rationality
    Patrick Turner
  • Valuing youth work
    Tony Jeffs and Mark K. Smith


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