First day at Eastside Youth Project

‘First day of the spring break Eastside youth project 049’ by George Wesley & Bonita Dannells. Sourced from Flickr and reproduced under a Creative Commons  Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) licence.

Download Youth & Policy 115

‘Youth club is made to get children off the streets’: Some young people’s thoughts about opportunities to be political in youth clubs
Humaira Garasia, Shazia Begum-Ali and Rys Farthing [abstract]

Uncovering Youth Ministry’s Professional Narrative
Allan R. Clyne 

Attitudes towards working ‘Out-of-hours’ with Young People: Christian and Secular Perspectives
Peter Hart

Youth Work and the Power of ‘Giving Voice’: a reframing of mental health services for young people
Ellie Wright and Jon Ord

Informal Education, Youth Work and Youth Development: Responding to the Brathay Trust Case Study
Bernard Davies, Tony Taylor and Naomi Thompson

Youth Development: Youth Work’s Friend or Foe?
Tony Taylor

Informal Learning is NOT the same as Informal Education – addressing Stuart and Maynard’s problematic theoretical confusion
Naomi Thompson

Challenging Stuart and Maynard’s Misrepresentations of Youth Work: Evidence from Practice
Bernard Davies

Thinking Space (1): Reflections on the Scottish referendum and young people’s participation
Alan Mackie

Thinking Space (2): Engaging youth through restorative approaches in schools
Laura Oxley


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