Manchester Partispace Project Colloquium

Date: 7th March 2018 | Tags: ,

Partispace colloquium

Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Possibilities of Young People’s Participation in European Cities

March 7th 12 noon to 6pm MMU Brooks Building

We would like to invite colleagues from Manchester and Greater Manchester and further afield, academic colleagues with an interest in our work and all those who have so generously contributed time and insight to the Manchester study to join us for this stimulating gathering.

The afternoon will include presentations by Manchester and Huddersfield based researchers and by Partispace project partners. The timetable for the afternoon accompanies this invitation.


MMU Brooks Building

12.00 Lunch and 12.45 Welcome: JB,NT,B-PS


Findings of the European Project Grainne McMahon and Alexandre Pais (20mins)

1.30pm-2.20pm New Ways of Exploring Participation and Democracy

  • Edda San Obois: The role of City Forums (15 mins)
  • Janet Batsleer and Grainne McMahon Findings of Partispace: Youth Forums and Councils, possibilities and limitations; New forms of on line activism, possibilities and limitations (30 mins max)

2.30pm- 3.45 pm Manchester Projects Update: 2.30 RAPAR (Rhetta and Grainne) 2.45 Youth Council (Nigel and Barry); 3.00 The Agency (Steve) ; 3.15 Introduction to the Living Lab: James Duggan 3.30 Presentation of Manchester Partispace Pamphlet (to all project partners)

Tea Break

4.00pm- 5.00pm

Culture, Collective Agency and Democracy

4.00- 4.20

Dr Jane McDonnell : Considering the arts and democracy. (15 mins)


Findings of Partispace: the centrality of art, creativity and collaborative practice for democracy.

JB: Harriet; Geoff

5.00 Final discussion

The Manchester Partispace pamphlet and and play out with Noise Upstairs, extract from John Zorn’s Cobra.

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